Troubleshooting General Guide

 Please Read This Troubleshooting Guide Before Using Your Device!

If you feel that your hearing aids are not working properly, we have found that over 97% of all problems encountered are a result of one of the following 5 simple reasons:


The sudden absence of sound from your hearing aids is usually the result of earwax plugging the ear dome or the sound tube. It can be very difficult to see and is the #1 reason why a device will seemingly stop working out of the blue.

Use the cleaning brush and monofilament provided in your accessories kit to remove any earwax from the dome and sound tube. Do this at least once per week to ensure earwax does not build-up.

Low Battery

Low Battery Indication:  You will hear beeps indicating that the battery is low and should be charged.

If it is not working, recharge it for 4-6 hours.

The light will turn red indicating that your device needs to be charged. When the light turns green, that means it is fully charged and ready for action. To get the best sound quality and use, please ensure your devices are fully charged.

Feedback / Whistling

Feedback and whistling sounds are signs that your device is working properly! Now you just need to lower the volume and switch between different modes to find the perfect combination for your environment.

Once you lower the volume and find the perfect environment modes, feedback will be rare. Feedback is most common while you’re putting the hearing aids IN your ear. Once the device is actually in your ear, in many cases the feedback will stop. This is especially true for CIC devices that fits completely in your canal. You need to test putting the device fully in your ear (while enduring a few seconds of feedback), then once your device is fully in your ear, the feedback will often stop.

Whistling occurs when the sound returns to the microphone causing a feedback loop. The most common cause of feedback is a high volume setting with an open dome (earbud). If you require a volume level that is at the highest level, we recommend that you use a “closed dome”.

Alternatively, you can switch between the different modes to reduce the high frequency sound -high frequency sounds are the most likely sounds to cause feedback.

Sound Quality

If you feel like the sound quality sounds weird (like you are in a tunnel, or that you are hearing everything) that’s normal. It often takes up to 6 weeks for the brain to fully adjust to hearing new sounds so give it time. Additionally, each BTE Soroya device has different modes for different environments. Soroya’s BTE models have 3-4 different sound modes to choose from. Simply hold down the top volume rocker button for 2 seconds to change modes (you will hear beeps when the mode changes). This will dramatically improve the sound quality.


If you feel like the device does not fit right, please change the domes. Each Soroya device comes with multiple ear-domes (earbuds) that cover 99% of all ear sizes. Thus, there is an ear-dome that will fit you. Please try them all to get the best fit. If your device seems too big, in many cases, you just need to pick the smallest ear-dome. If your device still does not feel comfortable, email us at and ask about the Soroya Protection Plan which allows you to exchange to any of Soroya’s models. Additionally, you can purchase extra accessories.

Before calling or emailing, please visit our FAQs for helpful tips, and care instructions. If you still have questions, please email us at and our awesome support representatives will be happy to help you.