Why should I buy a SOROYA hearing aid?

Soroya has been in business for over 6 years, which may seem like a short time, but in those six years, Soroya is already one of the fastest growing hearing aid companies in America!

Soroya uses engineers from around the world to create the world's most advanced hearing technology. 

Soroya also has a 30-day money back guarantee during which customers can try our hearing aids, exchange them or even return them if they are not completely satisfied.

Our goal is to help the 48 Million Americans who suffer from hearing loss, find an excellent solution for a fraction of the cost of traditional hearing aids while cutting out the middleman.

Should I check my hearing level with an audiologist before buying a Soroya hearing aid?

While it’s true that different people can have different levels of hearing loss, it’s not true that you actually need an audiologist to give you hearing aids that are programmed to your hearing loss level.

Our hearing aids come with up to 4 channel digital chips that eliminate all the unnecessary background noise at EVERY hearing loss level, thus, leaving you with what you want to hear in every environment.

Our CIC (Completely In Canal) models are best suited for those with mild to moderate hearing loss and our BTE (Behind The Ear) ones for severe hearing loss.

I was diagnosed with a hearing illness or condition; can I still use Soroya hearing aids?

The Dragon and the Angel are our most advanced models, with directional microphones and advanced background-noise cancelling technology.

We strongly recommend giving them a try because we have a 30-days money back guarantee during which customers can try our hearing aids, exchange them or even return them if they are not completely satisfied.

I wear eyeglasses/stethoscope/headphones/oxygen; can I still use Soroya hearing aids?


Yes you can! You can wear our hearing aids with eyeglasses or oxygen at the same time.

In cases where you use headphones or a stethoscope, you would want to remove your hearing aids.

Will it whistle/feedback when using a mobile phone?


No, your Soroya hearing aid device will not whistle or give feedback while using a mobile phone. That is one of the reasons why customers love Soroya. We have background noise cancelling technology.

I bought hearing aids at eBay/Costco/Walmart for only $20/$30/$45 and they work well!


Imagine how much better you would hear with our Soroya devices! $50 amplifiers from Walmart do not compare to the amazing sound quality you will experience when you try Soroya. Our prices are the best in the industry for real hearing aids.

Are Soroya hearing aids FDA registered?


Yes, Soroya hearing aids are FDA registered. They are Medical Prosthetic Devices classified as Class I.

FDA classification is risk based, that is, the risk the device poses to the patient and/or the user is a major factor in the class it is assigned. Class I includes devices with the lowest risk and Class III includes those with the greatest risk.

Why does Soroya not have a physical store where we can try before we buy?


In an effort to cut out the middleman and save you money, we have eliminated all unnecessary costs. This allows us to pass on the savings to our customers as well as gives us the ability to service customers nationwide.

Should I leave my hearing aids in as I go through airport security?


It is not necessary to remove hearing aids at security checkpoints, but you can always ask to be sure.