Warrenties/Protection Plans

What is the standard warranty of your Soroya hearing aids?

ALL Soroya hearing aids come with 1-year standard warranty that covers any factory default. During this coverage period we will replace accessories, repair the device or even replace it with a new one when necessary.

We also offer the Soroya Protection Plan , to fully cover your new Soroya hearing aids, including loss.

Do you have any protection plan?

Soroya offers a protection plan to make sure every customer is covered if the unexpected happens. In fact, loss is 85% of claims.

The Soroya Protection Plan includes:

  • Protection period is 1 year, renewable for another year.
  • Unlimited repairs of manufacturer defect during protection period.
  • 1-time loss replacement or free exchange.
  • Optional payment: one-time upfront payment of $79 per year (you save $40.4, 34% off).
  • You must be current of payments to use the Soroya Protection Plan.
  • Elite Protection Plan is NON-REFUNDABLE. The monthly payments can be cancelled after 6 months and with 1-month warning.